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Resolució de les beques i exposició de partitures del GEMC a l’AIMS Festival

25/07/2016 - GEMC
GEMC sponsors AIMS Foundation grants for the International Music Academy of Solsona (AIMS).

The AIMS Festival jury awarded the following grants sponsored by GEMC:
  • Robrecht de Roeck, cello (Spain)
  • Carles Civera, violin (Spain)
  • Ekaterina Manafova, viola (Russia)
  • Leonid Plashinov-Johnson, viola (UK)
  • Maria Milagro Gómez, cello (Venezuela)
Winners will perform the submitted work in, at least, one of the concerts in the festival, which will take place from the 10th to the 21st August.
During the festival, sheet music by GEMC publishers will on display at the AIMS office, available to everyone interested. An exhibition will be held at the hall of the Teatre Comarcal de Solsona, on the 15th August, from 14h to 23h (at the end of the concert break). AIMS students will visit the exhibition as part of their activity programme.


AIMS’s collaboration with GEMC aims to make Catalan string and piano repertoire known to professors and students taking part in the AIMS Academy and to the AIMS Festival audience.

The Festival

The AIMS Festival is the only pedagogical festival in Catalonia. The festival stems from the AIMS Academy and one of the project’s main pedagogical needs: performance. The festival is, thus, a huge opportunity both for musicians worldwide, to offer their talent to the audience, and for the audience, to discover the will-be lead musicians in the coming years.
The AIMS Festival is also a unique chance to listen to soloists from leading European orchestras and to professors from top-level international higher music schools.
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