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FICTA edicions i produccions s.l.
FICTA is the new Catalan music publisher. Born in Girona by the end of 2015 thanks to Bernat Cabré and Martí Ferrer, its main priorities are to recover Catalan music heritage and to discover new creative talent.
At FICTA, publishing the best music with the best quality is not enough. We want everybody to enjoy this printed music, recording, concert, or dream.
We serve music, composers, musicians, programmers, amateur players and music students of all ages. We server music lovers and music lovers-to- be alike. Because we want to reach the biggest audiences for our music and our artists. Because we want as much people as possible to enjoy the unique experience of listening to, or performing music.
Carrer Canigó 3 baixos, 17180 VILABLAREIX
[email protected]